The new book by Caroline Bono-Hörler

The new book by Caroline Bono-Hörler The new book by Caroline Bono-Hörler

The riveting sequel to the bestseller "Allein gegen Goliath"

It’s gets exciting

About the book

With a blow to the head, the life of the lawyer at the height of her career comes to an end. Misdiagnosis: whiplash. Brain and spinal injuries remain untreated, and she narrowly escapes death several times. Because the insurance doesn’t pay, the family of the mother of four is torn apart. Nine years later, she finds her way back to life through surgery. She retrained as a coach and shows how a woman can go from hell to heaven. She wins against the insurance company in the Federal Court, but she has still not received any benefits to this day.

The lawyer has been committed for years to fair treatment of accident victims by the involved insurance companies. However, it takes her 20 years to see through the entire corrupt system and realizes that she is not an isolated case, especially women are subjected to hidden discrimination due to incorrect biomechanical calculations. But a solution is found that enables cost savings in the billions in the healthcare sector. With this book, the author wants to start a wave that no longer allows politicians to look away. And she has patented the solution to the problem:

About the author

Caroline Bono-Hörler

Here is the English translation of the text:

“Dr. iur. Caroline Bono-Hörler, born in 1963, earned her Master’s degree in Law in 1992 from the University of Zurich. During her studies, she gave birth to her first three children. Afterwards, she completed her training as a family and business mediator in Germany and New York, did her doctoral thesis in this field, and simultaneously gave birth to her fourth child. In 2000, she established a mediation team at a renowned business law firm and taught mediation at three Swiss universities (St. Gallen, Zurich, and Lucerne). After passing her written bar exam, she suffered a car accident at the peak of her career at the end of 2002, which was not her fault, resulting in serious injuries that have lifelong consequences and were not covered by the involved insurance companies.

Re-trained as a coach, she helps her clients to overcome obstacles that prevent their desires and founded the startup G4you to protect others from similar fates.

Dr.iur. Caroline Bono-Hörler


How can this book help you? 

  • You realize:
    that liability insurances across Europe are unduly profiting from your (car) insurance premiums
  • that costs in the healthcare sector could be reduced
  • how corruption in the insurance sector is organized to the detriment of accident victims
  • how judges are influenced
    how experts and lawyers earn a fortune by hindering your entitlements
  • that politics must now sound the alarm and keep a close eye on insurance companies

and you recognize the solution to all this

but also

  • how I have repeatedly cheated death
  • how I, and you too, can turn your fate around when it has struck you
  • how your focus affects your life
  • how you can arrive in heaven from almost any hell


The bestseller

Alone Against Goliath

Dr. iur. Caroline Bono-Hörler was a happy, perfectly healthy woman until a single moment ruined everything. After a car accident, her injuries were so severe that the following years became a nightmare. Completely unable to work, she lost her job, her entire income, and – most painfully – had to give away two of her four children. Although the lawyer was fully insured, she did not receive the insurance benefits she was entitled to.

She tells a stirring, unflinching, and captivating story about her dramatic experiences and how she became dependent on social welfare and lost two lawsuits in her fight for justice. She completely lost her faith in the rule of law.

The project

Caroline Bono firmly believes that something good and new can emerge from every crisis, or as Wolfgang Johann von Goethe said:


And she builds something beautiful.

Imagine you are a victim of a car accident arriving in the emergency room, and the doctors and paramedics already know exactly what has happened to you and immediately initiate the right examinations and treatments. Previously, your rescue was alerted within seconds by car interior cameras, and the rescue team has seen on a film how seriously you could be injured.

Professor Ludwig Heuss, Chief Physician of Internal Medicine – Responsible for emergencies at Zollikerberg Hospital: ‘The idea and concept are compelling. It would be helpful if the doctors had this additional data.’


Caroline Bono-Hörler, PhD, Attorney-at-Law
CEO  & Founder G4you GmbH
Rellikonstrasse 7
8124 Maur Zurich

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